Bridging the transition through mentoring and parent support.

360 Transition Services. Bringing change home.

360 Transitions helps adolescents and young adults successfully transition from treatment to home, college, or independence. Transitions from one setting to another can be challenging and disruptive for the whole family. We understand what is at stake and know what has already been invested. We can help you protect this investment. 360 provides the family with wrap-around support to ease the disruption and assist parents in supporting their child as he or she transfers the skills learned in treatment to their real-world setting.

360 Transitions is designed to both preserve the changes made in treatment and to put closure on the treatment and transition process so that the young person can successfully move forward. This includes transition planning, collaboration with local resources and whole-family support from a 360 Parent Coach and Mentor. The real time access that the family has to the team allows for an accelerated transition process to take place. 360 Transitions' staff bring years of experience and the highest level of therapeutic expertise to their work with families. From their years of work in adolescent and young adult treatment, 360 Parent Coaches and Mentors have a clear understanding of what is required to help integrate the positive changes made in treatment so that your child can survive and thrive at home.