Bridging the transition through mentoring and parent support.

Why 360

Our Team of Professionals Can Help You Be a Family Again.

Structured Transition Program:

Each family that participates in 360 is guided through a structured but personalized process that prepares the whole family for a successful, well supported transition. All program components together create 360 degrees of wrap-around support to ensure a safe and seamless transition. Designed by licensed clinicians who have supported countless families through this process, 360 creates a bridge from one environment to the next so that changes made in treatment are transferable and sustainable. 360’s transition process is designed with an intentional beginning, middle and end to help provide clarity and direction for the family for a true transition experience.

Clinical Sophistication:

The 360 program was developed and is staffed by a licensed clinician with treatment and transition experience. All 360 Mentors have extensive field experience working with students and families as prior Second Nature wilderness instructors. 360 families receive the highest level of treatment available from recognized leaders in the field of adolescent and family treatment.

Continuity of Care:

The 360 program provides families with a seamless bridge from treatment back home. The 360 team is familiar with the treatment process and becomes familiar with each individual family’s treatment process, community resources, and support system. This allows them to engage the transition as informed, compassionate insiders who are equipped to support lasting change. 360 therapists and mentors actively collaborate with the entire team of professionals working with the family. Families can courageously and effectively engage the challenges ahead knowing that a compassionate, understanding team of professionals will be there with them each step of the way.

Unparalleled Parent Support and Education:

The 360 program is designed around the understanding that parents play a key role in the success of their child’s transition from treatment. There is a natural disruption in the whole family system as a child returns; parents, therefore, need as much support and guidance as the child. The 360 program is committed to ongoing parent support and education and offers parents their own resource through the transition specialist. In addition to this individualized support, parents also can choose to have access to an extensive therapeutic library and transition recommendations tailored to their unique circumstances

Purposeful Visits with the Student:

Face to face visits with the student are an important component of the 360 program. In person mentor visits help establish rapport and build trust, accelerating the transition process. The initial field visit prior to the student’s discharge allows for the co-creation of a realistic transition plan at the peak of a student’s experience in treatment. The second mentor visit, which takes place in the client’s home community, is designed to help the student build his/her own personal support network. Additionally, this is an opportunity for an in-person assessment of how the student is managing the transition as well as an opportunity to offer support, encouragement and guidance as the student is settling in at home.