Bridging the transition through mentoring and parent support.


Why Start Over When You Can Continue On Your Current Path?

360 services are designed to facilitate a clearly defined transition process in three one-month phases; following the initial three months, families have the option of continuing month to month with all or individual components of 360's services.

Transition Phase:

This phase focuses on proactive treatment planning and a smooth initial transition from one environment to the next. During this phase a mentor visits with the student either in the field or at home to build rapport and prepare him or her for the transition process. Meanwhile the transition specialist helps parents prepare emotionally and practically for this transition. Both the mentor and the transition specialist work with program staff to ensure that the family’s treatment process is explicitly understood and supported.

Establishment Phase:

This phase focuses on collaborating with community-based resources for both the young person and family when the young person is home and a transition plan is in place. A mentor visit to the community, ongoing parent coaching support with the transition specialist and treatment coordination with local professionals are key program components during this phase. Weekly scheduled calls as well as daily contact with the mentor allows the mentoring relationship with their student to continue growing in trust and support.

Assessment and Independence:

This phase focuses on reinforcing the established support network in collaboration with the family’s educational consultant and local therapist. Ongoing weekly support from the 360 transition specialist and mentor continues through this phase with the goal of transitioning any required care to the local support network. Following this phase the family has the option of continuing with all or individual components of the program on a month to month basis based on individual need.

The 360 staff understands the importance of a family establishing its own sustainable support network within their community; we work with all involved treatment experts to achieve this end for a complete transition experience.