Bridging the transition through mentoring and parent support.


“We had a tremendous amount of anxiety prior to our child returning home and felt lost in knowing how to locate and utilize our local resources. The 360 program stepped in with confidence and compassion and helped us settle back into a healthier and happier relationship with our son.”—360 Parent

“Not only did we see overall improvement in our relationship with our child but we as a family improved overall.”—360 Parent

“Our Transition Specialist was available around the clock for my emergency calls and timely at that! Not only did she have perfect advice but she kept me on track when I was vulnerable.”—360 Parent

“Our 360 Mentor was a tremendous assist to both my son and me. He was also very instrumental in getting us started with the process.”—360 Parent

“The 360 Program has been extremely instrumental in putting my marriage back together on a solid foundation which it never had to start off with.”—360 Parent

“With the help of the 360 Program my child is willing to talk with adults now and has much more confidence when speaking on job interviews and on the phone.”—360 Parent

“Without the 360 Transition Program, after our son got home, there would have been no way that we as a family would have been able to sustain all the structure and guidelines that he had learned at wilderness.”—360 Parent