Bridging the transition through mentoring and parent support.


We Know Where You've Been and How To Help You Move Forward.

The 360 Transition Specialist provides the following:

  • Case management support throughout a family’s experience with the 360 program.
  • Weekly Parent Coaching support calls (scheduled calls as well as crisis availability).
  • Assistance in collaborating with the best local family therapist for coordinated treatment.
  • Collaboration and assistance with transition treatment planning for students returning home.
  • Assistance in integrating home services and support.
  • Instruction, feedback and support with home contracts and parenting skills.
  • Assistance translating the skills gained in treatment to the home environment.

360 Mentor provides the following:

  • An introductory visit with the student either in the treatment program prior to his/her completion or a home visit if the student is already home or this is recommended by the current treatment team as the most effective way to begin the mentor relationship. During this initial visit specific strategies are set in order to better prepare for the challenges of transition. 
  • Weekly phone, email, texting and video conferencing support with the student.
  • A second visit with the student in his/her home environment during the second month of the program.
  • Daily contact with the student for consistency of support.
  • Collaboration with local community-based support.
  • Support and accountability with the ongoing treatment plan.
  • Assistance with life skills and organizational skills.
  • Assistance translating the tools learned in treatment to the home environment.

Additional, optional components provided during 360 program Include:

  • Unlimited access to Second Nature parent webinars.
  • Participation in Second Nature parent workshops that are brought to local areas. Both of these additional support components provide additional tools, resources and educational opportunities.